Project Shoes

Our goal is that under-resourced children throughout Cambria County and the surrounding area will obtain the footwear they need in order to go to school without discomfort, accident, or embarrassment. 

Project Shoes has been meeting this need since 1993. In 2016 alone, Project Shoes provided over $18,000 worth of shoes to area children! In the fall of 2017, Community Foundation For The Alleghenies granted $3,500 to the Project Shoes program. This grant was made possible through the Somerset County Community Fund, the Benjamin Bosler Fund, and the Bork Family Fund of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The Elizabeth A. Bradley Mission Fund, administered by the United Methodist Women of the WPAUMC, granted Project Shoes $5,000 for 2017. United Methodist Human Services, through the support of District United Methodist Churches and private donations, funds the remaining budget amount for Project Shoes. We are seeking local business sponsors who share our passion and concern.

Project Shoes

Project Shoes provides new, well-fitting, seasonally appropriate footwear to under-resourced children throughout Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, and Indiana Counties. 

100% of monies donated go directly to helping under-resourced students. Referrals are made through school guidance counselors, teachers, nurses, social workers and other social service providers.

 guidance counselor from an area school in which 76% of students qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, shared how vital the Project Shoes program is to their students. In fact, during one of the rainiest weeks of this past school year, the guidance counselor shared how they had to duct-tape one little boy’s shoes in order for him to be able to wear them to finish out the rest of the school day.

We appreciate the support we receive for our Project Shoes program and for the sacrifice and generosity of those who help ensure that the under-resourced children and youth throughout our community have the resources needed for healthy bodies as well as healthy minds. 

Thank you!

Project Shoes is is funded in part by:



The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies exists to improve the quality of life for residents in Bedford, Cambria, Somerset, and Indiana counties by connecting community needs with the passions of families, businesses, and individuals.


The Elizabeth A. Bradley Mission Fund is administered through the United Methodist Women of the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. This fund is used to support programs which serve children, youth and women in matters of health concerns, education, and spiritual well-being.